Frequently Asked Questions

How will your law firm benefit from having their own 1-(800) vanity number?

The results you will see by adding a 1-800 vanity number to your advertising mix are numerous. In an ever changing and fast-paced society, it is important to get the attention of your desired audience within seconds. Including 1-800-CRIMINAL on TV ads and billboards and in radio spots will help possible clients remember how to contact you easily; especially if they are under arrest and in distress.

Specific benefits the 1-800 CRIMINAL vanity number will add to your advertising methods:

  • Increased calls through the easy to remember number
  • Ads that are more eye-catching
  • Ads that are more memorable
  • Strong form of branding

Your law firm will also start to receive higher quality leads and conversion rates by decreasing the number of calls from people that are not in need of your services.

When is advertising with an 1-800 not the right choice for your law firm?

There are many benefits to having your own 1-800 vanity number. So, when is it not a good idea to lease a customized vanity number?

It is not a good idea if you are not committed to using the number long-term. This is not just a marketing ploy to get your law firm to lease 1-800-CRIMINAL for decades. Advertising trends and cycles show that users of 1-800 vanity numbers that only use the number for a few months, end up losing clients in the end.

Why? The most simple explanation: people start to associate a specific number with an advertiser and will pull from memory a number when they are in need of their services. If you start to use and advertise an 1-800 vanity number for a few months and then stop, any branding that you had established will then be rolled-over to the next business that picks up the vanity number in your market.

Branding is an important key to help your law firm stand out and to building recognition and relationships with potential clients. It also increases the chances of a person that is being accused of a crime in remembering your number and calling you in their time of need.

How are territories divided?

There are multiple territories within each state, but your law firm will have exclusive rights to the 1-800-CRIMINAL vanity number in your specific area. Each 1-800-CRIMINAL territory matches pre-established television broadcast areas. Dividing areas this way helps ensure that potential clients are within a geographical area where you are able to represent them, which will also increase the quality of leads your law firm will receive.

Calls within your territory are also recognized by telephone providers, which also helps ensure that your law firm receives calls from qualifying clients.