Outdoor Ads

Statistics have shown that the average American spends over 100 hours a year commuting. Advertising outdoors on billboards, in bus shelters and on taxi tops increases your visibility and recall rate of these potential clients. Having a memorable 1-800 vanity number they won’t forget displayed on these outdoor ads improves your law firm’s recognition and recall rate an additional 84%.

Added Value of 1-800-CRIMINAL Vanity Number

Unlike other 1-800 vanity number licensee agreements, part of your exclusive licensee agreement with 1-800-CRIMINAL includes pre-made advertising artwork that includes billboards, bus shelter ads and taxi top ads. These added value features make advertising your business even easier.

Speak with a national market manager today at (702) 625-0166 to discuss how you can increase your in-bound calls.


Size 6′ x 36′
Amarosa Law 1800Criminal Billboard

Size 11’6” x 37’0”Amarosa 1800Criminal Billboard 2

Size 14′ x 48′

Bus Shelter Ads

Size 4′ x 6′

Taxi Top Ads

Size 14″ x 48″


Size 18″ x 9″, 28″ x 20″, & 34.5″ x 11″
Butler Pedicabs