Radio Ads

Radio continues to be a leading provider of information across the United States. Statistically, 93% of U.S. consumers are exposed to radio advertisements each week in their cars, at home, at work, in retail establishments and at many other locations that utilize this free form of entertainment broadcasting. These captive audiences are 72% more likely to correctly recall a 1-800 vanity number they heard in a 30-second radio ad than a 10 digit random phone number.

1-800-CRIMINAL Radio Advertisement

As a 1-800-CRIMINAL licensee, you automatically have access to a 30-second radio ad that mentions your memorable toll-free phone number. Taking advantage of this free radio ad will help you increase your law offices recognition and the number of intake calls you’ll receive.

Learn how you can take advantage of this 1-800-CRIMINAL licensee bonus feature today. Call (702) 625-0166 to speak with a national market manager!

30-second, Keep Your License radio ad.

30-second, Trial and Error radio ad.

30-second, Bad Movie radio ad.

5-second, DUI radio ad.

30-second, Lawyer Dogs radio ad.

30-second, The Slammer radio ad.