Phone Routing

Calls Routed to Your Law Office

As a licensee, all you would have to do to set up your 1-800-CRIMINAL vanity number is designate a local number for in-coming calls. You do not need to sign-up for a separate long-distance carrier. You also do not need to purchase additional phone equipment.

Your costs are not increased for telephone calls received other than the fees which may be billed directly to you by the telephone company at a cost of $0.05 per minute plus taxes with six (6) second rounding and a $10 monthly service charge.

All calls placed to the 1-800 vanity number within your exclusive market location are automatically routed to a locally designated end number. This automated process is made possible because as a licensee, the 1-800-CRIMINAL number is geocoded for over 140 million residential and business telephone numbers based on caller longitude and latitude coordinates. Callers in your area are automatically routed through the system and sent directly to you.

When a client calls your 1-800 number, they will be automatically routed to your designated line and will then be directed to the appropriate person to answer their questions, or will be asked to record a message.

Benefits of an 1-800 Vanity Service Number

The vanity service number is flexible. You decide if you want to setup your call flow for basic call and connect applications or more sophisticated multiple menu based phone applications.

With the 1-800-CRIMINAL locator service phone system, you will be able to:

  • Create your own call flow design
  • Specify call routing channels
  • Specify time / day of week conditional routing factors
  • Create custom greetings, marketing messages and voice mail
  • Specify fax processing

You will also have the ability to print out system reports that will provide detailed and accurate call monitoring details. From these reports you’ll see activity logs that show the average number of calls received, how long each call lasted, call flow analysis and more.

Purchase Your Own 1-800 Vanity Number

If you are ready to make it easier for customers to remember your phone number and to increase your average calls each month, then you need to contact us for more details. Availability is based on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don’t miss your opportunity. Contact a national market manager today at (702) 625-0166.