About Us

Attract Clients and Market Recognition

1-800-CRIMINAL is a toll-free licensee company. We offer attorneys and their law firms the ability to lease a turn-key vanity phone number that presents them with increased calls and client conversion opportunities.

If your firm is not well-known in a specific market or you would like to increase your branding efforts, the easy to remember vanity number 1-800-CRIMINAL will allow you to build a stronger presence and increase name recognition.

Who We Are and Why We Get It

Our company was created by two attorneys that have been representing clients and running their own law firms for over two decades combined. We understand what it takes to build name recognition and how to obtain quality client leads. We started out with one law firm and expanded into a national presence within a matter of years. Having a 1-800 vanity number that is easy to remember is just one part of our marketing mix that has enabled us to become so successful.

When you lease the 1-800-CRIMINAL vanity number you get:

  • Exclusive rights to the 1-800-CRIMINAL number in your market.
  • Pre-made advertising artwork, TV commercials and radio ads.
  • Support from a direct response phone routing system.
  • Lead generating referral system from the 1800Criminal.com website.

Are you ready to increase your law firm’s business and start to receive quality leads? Contact a national market manager today at (702) 625-0166 to find out how you too can get exclusive rights to the highly memorable 1-800-CRIMINAL vanity number in your area. Territory availability is limited. Don’t miss your golden opportunity, call us today!